Savour the Flavours 2014: In Case You Missed It...

By Minto Chamber

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Savour the Flavours 2014 was a resounding success, where local Minto restaurants and farmers came together to give people of the Minto community the opportunity to try their delicious foods and products in one night, an annual tradition spanning the last five years.

This event was not only about the great food from the local farmers and restaurant owners, but how they created the food in a unique and healthy way. The restaurants that took part were paired with some of the region's top producers to provide our hungry diners with a special treat using local ingredients. The end result is always an experience that brings the Minto Community closer together. 

Special thanks go to not only our chefs, producers and artists, but also our volunteers who give their time to make this event possible. 

If you happened to miss this year's event you can catch up with this YouTube clip.