Want to get involved? Become a director with the Minto Chamber of Commerce.

If you care about supporting local business and the community; if you are energetic and have ideas to share or if you see a problem and believe you have a solution you should get involved with the Minto Chamber of Commerce by becoming a board member.
The Minto Chamber of Commerce is looking for Minto business owners who want to be involved in creating a healthy business climate in Minto. 
Directors are people like you, who have an interest in what is happing in the community and want to see positive progress.  The Chamber believes that business has a responsibility to the community as a whole and as individuals we can make a difference. 
Becoming a director isn’t a big time commitment and is an excellent opportunity to connect with other business owners in your community. 


For more information on becoming a director contact
Somer Gerber
Business Development Coordinator
519-510-7400 or info@mintochamber.on.ca