The products we sell have been carefully selected from small creative entrepreneurs trying to support or supplement their families’ income to larger Canadian manufacturers, both living a dream to build quality products and create secure jobs within Canadian borders.

One goal, of ours, is to provide something Made in Canada for every room in your house. We are excited to showcase and share with you our varied selection from tools to tableware; dog collars to phone covers; hats to t-shirts and more. We look forward to growing so that we can provide for you as many Canadian Made products as possible and make buying Made in Canada easier.

At Eh-2-Zed we celebrate Canadian Made products for all that they represent –

Better for the environment

  •   can be up to 10x less travel for products to get to the consumer.

Peace of Mind

  •   highly regulated factories regarding environmental emissions, quality assurance & materials used.
  •   Workers’ rights – workers are being treated fairly & working in safe and sanitary conditions.

Economically a better choice

  •   Higher percentage of money is kept within our borders.

= more money in our communities
=more support for local charities
=more support for cultural associations
=larger tax revenues towards government programs
=more money for continued innovations

Builds Community/Unity

  •   Neighbour helping neighbour, Canadians helping Canadians
  •   Closer relationship between the manufacturer, the retailer and the consumer
  •   Uniting with common interests

Creates Hope

  •   That Canada will continue for generations
  •   That our children will be valued for their creative and innovative minds
  •   For our children to realize their highest potential within Canada

How can we be a strong and independent country if we cannot be self-sufficient?

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