Krown Rust Control Palmerston

Our promise to our customers.

We care more about people than the vehicles they drive. We radiate integrity in everything we do. Customer satisfaction is more important than profit. Krown is driven to help our customers save money, provide them with the best products, warranty and service in our industry. Krown is also committed to continue developing environmentally-friendly products that help improve the communities we live in.

Innovative products for a harsh climate.

Through years of experience, and a devoted research and development team, Krown has been able to combine break-through innovation with gradual improvement to deliver the #1 rust protection in Canada. Krown's rust protection product is a leap forward in innovation. Through testing and research in some of the harshest climates in Canada and eastern United States, Krown has developed a superior product to withstand high humidity, constant exposure to corrosive road salt, and abrasion from road dirt and debris. We work hard to look at corrosion, salt and cleaning needs from all angles, developing products such as our new Salt Eliminator and others that quickly deliver results.

Your partner in preventative maintenance.

Krown offers the highest quality rust protection service available. Krown helps in extending the life of peoples' vehicles, reducing the cost of maintenance, while increasing the resale value of the vehicle. This saves the owners money, while providing peace of mind, knowing they have a safer, better looking vehicle. Annually certified technicians, a national dealer network of over 230 dealers, as well as other proven preventative maintenance products and services set Krown apart, and position Krown as Canada’s #1 Rust Protection Company.

Canada's #1 rust protection for over 25 years for a reason.

In 1986, a small group of automotive experts came together to change the rust protection industry by creating a company based on customer service, the best product, and a better work environment for each shop owner. This company would operate under a unique business structure called a Dealer Co-op that would allow Canadian small business owners to own a Krown business and have equal say in the direction of this company. The company became known as Krown.

Krown is a unique Canadian-owned and operated vehicle maintenance business. Each Krown Dealer in our nationwide network owns his business and is not a franchisee. Having true business owners at each Krown location means that every shop that our customers walk into has a vested interest in providing the best rust protection and customer experience possible. Krown's rust protection service has been saving our customers' money by making vehicles last longer, and reducing repair costs for over 25 years.