The Barrel House Canada

Canadian coopers have transformed a selection of experiences into a unique destination, featuring offerings like the Barrel Roll & Puncheon, Yum Dawg & Dill Dawg Pickles, and a delightful array of farm-fresh baked goods. Our craftsmanship extends beyond coopering as we still craft buckets, repair barrels, and repurpose various woods into captivating decor, furniture, and one-of-a-kind artistic creations. We maintain a keen focus on alternative wood sources for culinary and other products, drawing upon our wealth of knowledge in food ingredients and barrel aging.

Recognized twice with Premier's Awards from Ontario's Agriculture Food & Rural Affairs, as the founders and creators of Canadian Vinegar Cellars, we remain committed to pioneering new concepts. For the latest updates on our endeavors, pay a visit to Pete and Marla Bradford. Discover how a Barrel Maker has now become a baker in Pete's Kitchen and The Barrel House.

While it's advisable to place preorders through our website, it's not mandatory.

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