Think Minto First! Fundraising Program

The Minto Chamber of Commerce is pleased to launch the Think Minto First! Fundraising Program. This program is designed to support local not-for-profit organizations while also keeping more money in Minto.

How it works:

  • Businesses sign up to participate offering a % donation on gift certificates
  • Volunteers with organizations sell gift certificates through an order form
  • Organizations submit their total orders and payments to the Chamber at monthly deadlines
  • Chamber compiles # and amount of gift certificates sold for each business
  • Chamber sends a cheque minus donation and list of gift certificates sold to each business
  • Chamber sends donation cheque and ordered gift certificates back to each organization for distribution

Not-for-profit groups will sell gift certificates to participating Minto businesses and in return will receive a percentage of the sales as a donation.  At any given time throughout the year there could be up to 3 different teams, clubs and organizations selling gift certificates to your business.  The Minto Chamber of Commerce will administrate the program; all that is required of your business is a small administration fee and a desire to support your community while also attracting more customers.    To participate please read through the Rules and Regulations and return your completed sign-up form along with a $50 cheque payable to the Minto Chamber of Commerce.  If you have any questions about the program, please contact us at 519-510-7400 or Thanks for your participation!

Think Minto First! Fundraising Program Participating Business Rules and Regulations

  • The fundraising program will run year-round with monthly reconciliation dates.
  • Up to 3 teams, clubs and organizations can participate each month.
  • The Chamber will print customized gift certificates for each participating business featuring your logo and unique serial number.
  • The Chamber will send monthly reports to each business documenting certificates sold, amounts and corresponding serial numbers.
  • The Chamber will issue cheques for gift certificates sold minus donation and will distribute them to participating businesses prior to distributing the certificates ensuring businesses have the money upfront before the certificates are cashed.
  • Businesses must provide the Chamber with an electronic copy of their logo to appear on certificates
  • Businesses must commit to a percentage donation for a full fundraising month, if you wish to change the percentage or remove yourself from the program, you must give the Chamber 30 days notice
  • Businesses must commit to honouring gift certificates sold- no expiry date.
  • Businesses must complete and return a sign-up form.
  • Businesses must pay a $50 administration fee, one time only, to cover administration expenses incurred by the Chamber

Think Minto First Fundraising Form